Crimson Electric Inc.
"I don't have time to research all the Electrical Contractors in my area and test them all out.  When I hire Crimson Electric I know I'm paying for the best quality and service available.  I don't have to worry about shoddy workmanship, cost over-runs or mistakes that could hurt my business.  Safety and service is #1 with Crimson Electric. I appreciate that!
" Crimson Electric exceeded all my expectations as to an Electrical Contractor.  They were punctual, clean, polite and got the job done right the first time without any problems or surprises along the way.  Hiring a contractor should be easy, Crimson Electric proves that it is possible!"  Peter - North Vancouver (General Contractor)
"After dealing with so many unreliable contractors you were such a relief to deal with.  I knew I could trust you to provide all the proper permits and that all the work was going to be done properly.  Now I know my kids will be safe in our new basement. Thanks Chad!"  Darren & Pam - Port Coquitlam (homeowner)
Donna & Bob - Surrey (business owner)
"Chad is a very honest person and always had our best inetests in mind.  He worked with our small budget and didn't try to sell us anything we didn't need.  He did the job as quickly as he could and with materials we could afford to install.  We never had to worry about what he said or did.  Much appreciated!" Bob - Surrey (small business owner)
"To my customer: 
I may not have the answer but I'll find it. 
I may not have the time, but I'll make it. 
I may not be the biggest, but I'll be the most committed to your success." 
 Chad and Victoria Bernst
Owners of Crimson Electric Inc.
" Awesome job!  Didn't have to worry once!  On time, on budget, passed inspection with flying colours.  The house looks amazing!  You have my recommendation!"  Bill and Teresa -  Vancouver (small business and homeowners)
"Of all the trades we've hired; you're the best contractor we've ever dealt with"  Dave and Ivana - White Rock
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